Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Plea to Our Kapwa Pinoys in the US: AGAP-Bikol

(message from fr. manoling francisco, sj)

Dear Friends,

Last Nov. 30, 2006, a supertyphoon Reming ravaged the
Bikol Region and Southern Tagalog, Philippines. More
than 400 people have already been buried; hundreds
more are missing. The death toll, according to the Red
Cross, will most likely exceed 1,000. Moreover, 10,000
families have been dislocated, their homes and fields
buried under tons of mud from the slopes of the Mayon
volcano. The thousands who have been dispossessed are
temporarily sheltered in evacuation centers.

The evacuees are in need of food, clothing, medicines.
They have lost loved ones; for many everything they
own. We beg for your financial assistance.

For those in the U.S., please address and send your
checks to:
Fr. Peter Pojol, S.J.
Hopkins House
40 Kirkland St.
Cambridge, MA 02138-2031

Together with the Filipino graduate students in the
Boston area, Fr. Peter will account and remit the
donations to:
Fr. Jovic E. Lobrigo
Chair, Social Action Center
Diocese of Legazpi
Albay District, 4500
Legazpi City, Philippines

As with our past fund-raising email campaigns (for the
typhoon victims in Bikol and Infanta, Quezon in 2004
during which we raised P755,508.80 and for the
mudslide victims of Guinsaugon, Leyte in 2005 during
which we raised $10,893.43), the Tanging Yaman
Foundation, Inc., will email all the donors:
1) a master list of donations received, and
2) an electronic receipt from Fr. Lobrigo,
in order to assure you that every dollar you send will
go to the evacuees in Bikol.

As we await the coming of our Lord this Advent Season,
may the more than 40,000 dispossessed in Bikol
encounter the mercy of God through the compassion and
aid of people from all over the world.

Sincerely in our Lord,

Fr. Manoling V. Francisco, S.J.
Executive Director
Tanging Yaman Foundation, Inc.

San Jose Major Seminary
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Hieghts, Q.C., M.M.

looking for a reforestration project here in the philippines

hi everyone,
if you know of an organization dedicated to reforestration projects south of the philippines, please send me their contact info asap. we would like to help through funding and marketing projects related to "recovering" our forests. please contact me through the comments section below, or by emailing me at execsec@tangingyaman.org.