Thursday, November 16, 2006

back to the old habit

hi everyone!
after a 6-month hiatus from blogging, i'm back. haay, there's so many things that's worth talking about, gringo's capture, pacquiao vs morales III, the opposition's senatorial slate, etc. etc..
but, i don't want to write anything about them now. all i care about right now is that i'm back, hehehe. i wonder who's still visiting my blog until now, hmmm...
by the way, here are some updates about myself:
- i got out of the seminary last may.
- i put up a small company, distributing arce dairy ice cream (we have a scooping station at robinsons metroeast, please go and check it out. :))
- i gave leadership seminar/workshops to a bottling company
- i have given and will still give a series of anti-corruption talks to different government offices
- i am doing research also right now about philippine history.
- i am working for a foundation inside ateneo full time.
whew, if only i have the time to write about each of these.
i'm keeping myself busy. we were trained inside the seminary the ability to juggle and manage our time well.
whew, that's all i can say for now. and that i missed blogging...