Monday, November 21, 2005

step back and rest

the evening local news tonight had nothing to say anymore about any of the following issues: jueteng, hello garci/cheating last elections, hyatt 10, gma resign, fvr, cory aquino, cbcp, black and white, rallies, mendiola, satur ocampo, communist, charter change/venable deal, graceful exit. except for several opposition congressmen who toyed with the "arrovo" booboo in some of the new 100-peso bills issued by bangko sentral, there was nothing in the news that could remind people that only several weeks ago, gma was under extreme pressure coming from various camps to step down. this is totally the opposite of the images of gma in the news tonight, enjoying a popsicle with his family in disneyland hk.

though the news was sadly still mainly about killings and carnapping and npa offensives, i thought that the absence of anti-gma news was a welcome breather for everyone. it's been there since late may, when the jueteng payola hearings started, and everyone, starting from those who love and adore gma from head to foot to those who would love to see her crucified upside down, would surely have good use for the break that we are in right now. for those who believe that gma deserves to stay in the position that she is holding right now, they will be sleeping sound tonight. for those who believe that there are questions which still needed answers, and that there is no quick way to close the various issues which hounded our nation the last 6 months, tonight's a night to recollect, rethink, replan.

and to rest. everyone needs to rest every once in a while.

sweet dreams everyone...

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