Monday, February 27, 2006

'rot' race

one of the lines of thinking which saved gma from being asked to leave the presidency goes like this: if we're going to be responsible for what we ask for, we can't in conscience ask gma to resign simply because we don't have anyone "better" to replace her. this was at the beginning of all the controversies. sadly, everyone seems to be equally ill-fit.

fast forward to today. if i'm gonna be asked if i still believe in this, i'd say no. i'd say that gma had managed to rot so fast that his competitors in the rot race would now look so healthy. thanks to proclamation 1017. thanks to eo464 and the cpr. thanks to the rotten people close to her too, not excluding most especially her husband.

gma, if there's any part of your brain which is still working well, could you kindly please think about resigning now?! and if you're scared about being prosecuted and jailed if you resign, don't be. that's actually the best place to continue to rot, you'll be just fine.

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