Monday, December 05, 2005

about terrorists and rebels

i was reviewing the daily newsbriefs which we had sent in november til the first part of this month and saw that there had been several news reports on ambushes resulting to deaths on the government side. there was one in the middle of november done by the abu sayyaf in sulu. their camp was eventually overrun by the govt forces, but lo and behold, several days after, they were at it again, this time in zamboanga.

the same goes for the npa's. they ambushed a truck full of soldiers in iloilo, leaving around 7 dead and more than 20 wounded. govt forces attacked the following day, but 2 days after, there was another ambush, this time up north, in quezon province.

this just makes me think that maybe we have a bigger political problem here than the problem of whether gma cheated or not. according to a source, our forces out there in the battlefields are in their 30's, fighting insurgents who are aged 16, 17 to 20's. according to a report today by, they are also getting high-powered weapons from these ambushes. according to them, they have done, "from September 20 to Nov. 21, a total of 68 ambuscades, tactical offensives and harassment of government forces in different parts of the country."

our soldiers are not only aging, they also have to fight them at different fronts. plus there is the abu sayyaf and the rajah sulaiman movement, two groups which also demand a great deal of attention from the govt forces.

im not saying we forget the issue about cheating, but maybe we can also put these rebels and their "friends/benefactors" into the picture, when we choose whom to ally with.

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