Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry xmas everyone!

merry xmas everyone!

just wanted to share here something different that happened to xmas this year. just got off an emergency situation where i had to assist in the stitching of someone's wound. talk about trying my hand on new things! hehe...

my main role was to wipe the blood off from the wound every now and then (if you're eating or you have a weak stomach, please excuse me). i'm still feeling kinda dizzy right now with the sight of all those blood, hehe, but i'm glad i did it. i know i was able to help that guy, and the doctor too since it was so late at night and there weren't that much nurses around to help.

i can't really say that this one's the best xmas i ever had, but this one sure is the most exciting.

before the actual operation, i was in my room when i heard a big thud just above my floor, followed by the sound of broken glass or something similar. a friend and i rushed up to check what happened, thinking that maybe one of the 5th floor tenants broke their windows or something. when we reached one of the doors with its lights on, we knocked, opened the door and saw that the man there broke his sink. he was probably leaning too much on it, and he fell with the sink. he had a big lump on his forehead when we first saw him.

after getting an ice bag and giving it to him, we noticed that he had scars on his right arm. the doctor who was with us already at that time asked if he can have his polo opened. that was when we saw that he had a deep cut in the left part of his tummy. sheesh, whenever i think about that first time that i saw it, it makes me squirm. it was about the length of a normal adult's mouth, maybe a centimeter deep.

the doctor thought about whether we should rush him to the hospital or if he can do the operation in our infirmary. when he found out that we had enough supplies and equipment, he decided that there was no need to go to the hospital. he can do it there. only, he needed us to help him.

whew, i asked the people around if they have candy, cause i started to feel like vomitting, hehe. but, i don't know, when the actual time to do it came, i didn't really feel that weird. it's dizzying to see blood flowing from the wound but not dizzying enough for me to puke. and besides, the guy who had the wound is a "brother" of mine.

that's it. this one really is a different xmas.

merry xmas to all!

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