Friday, October 14, 2005

one by one...

undersecretary miguel luz is gallantly fighting for what he thinks is right.
read his story, copy - paste the following url:

ombudsman simeon marcelo has resigned already.

anti-corruption czar tony kwok (hongkong expert) allegedly is contemplating leaving too, seeing half-heartedness in the commitment of the government to fight against corruption.

the good guys: either they want out, or they are forced out.

i hope they continue putting their best efforts for the sake of our people when they go back to the private sector. the same wish goes for all ordinary citizens including myself. may we strive at leading upright, productive lives. let us make ourselves our own models of being Filipino. till in the end, the supposed leaders of this land will start noticing that they have become useless, that they're not interesting anymore for the media to even cover them. they can go on making fools of one another but the ordinary, hardworking Filipino will not care. he will strive at bringing about a new generation of leaders. if the present crop of leaders that this country has refuse to step down, and insist on shaming the offices they are occupying, then we will just wait for all of them to die. we shall suffer in silence, but work day and night. the Philippines after all is more than just its government leaders.

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