Monday, October 03, 2005

what's up next?

two things have reached me recently, both about a possible threat to the present administration. first, the "tsismis" coming from sen miriam defensor santiago about the plot to kidnap then kill gma. no less than former pres cory aquino, along with sen franklin drilon, are the alleged mastermind behind this, according to santiago. second is the "promise" given by ex presidential candidate bro eddie villanueva to his jil flock last night. he said that they should watch carefully the events of the coming days. he vaguely described it as something that will have great impact on the lives of each filipino.

about the first, im not sure whether pres cory has the capacity to will the death of gma. i don't think this has ever been her style. i however believe that they're planning something. there were reports that as early as first week of july, cory had met with drilon, along with some bishops, to talk about the possibility of a decastro-drilon tandem. this is open source. cory talked to gma and asked her to resign last 06 july. just recently, cory was also seen in a meeting with prof nemenzo and other groups, possibly talking about the transitional revolutionary government that prof nemenzo had been advocating since the start of this national crisis. about drilon, i don't have much info about him, except that i have the impression that he is really one "good politician." imagine how he managed to be always present in every administration, in varying positions, ever since the time of marcos. i won't be surprised if he finally gets himself in the position to be future vp. then kicking de castro out will be the next logical step. tsk, tsk, tsk...

if one puts sen santiago's tsismis, and the proclamation of bro eddie, one can have a vague sense that something's really brewing behind the little that we get from the news. if we also add the recent actions of gen gudani and col balutan, former marines heads and presently involved in the pma. i mean, they won't really go and defy orders if they're just by themselves right?

now the next question is whether this underground plan will succeed. im sure this plan will have violence as a crucial component. most of the high ranking officers in the military and the police is still with gma, at least this is what can be observed from their statements and actions.

is bloodshed really the next logical step to this crisis?

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