Thursday, October 06, 2005

what if

just what if dilg sec angelo reyes and nsa norberto gonzales are in fact telling the truth, that there are terrorists now in the country? and what if filipinos find it difficult to believe them?

if it happens that what they're saying is true, and we witness (or become victims) of a terror attack, there is a lot of reason for people to still think otherwise. it's easy to say that the government, or the afp themselves did it. they may say that it happens all the time in zamboanga city, and other parts of mindanao. it happened also last feb 14 here in manila. there are no terrorists here, it is the government who are sowing fear among the people, they may say.

but what if it's not really the government, that there are in fact terrorist elements here in the country? abu sayyaf, rajah sulaiman movement, etc.

this is the problem when a people's government has very low credibility. when trust is gone, even efforts at winning it back easily gets laughed at and doubted. on which side must trust start to slowly spring up? who can risk it?

my prayer is that none of these threats ever happen to materialize. aside from the cost of such an event, it's always pathetic to look at how people may get vindication from such tragic events.

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