Wednesday, October 12, 2005


funny how the rain pours down
each time we see each other
not dampening our spirits
but sprinkling sunshine rays
on cold and gloomy
rainy days

funny how the world colors itself
a purple-painted sky
his eyes a shade of hazel
grass of green and yellow
and his spirit:
a crazy mix of rainbow

funny how time runs and stops instantaneously
making a few minutes precious
and five hundred friends a bore
ten years really don't count much
my dear,
each second is what life has in store

funny how nonsensical things begin to matter...
there is delight in conversations,
comfort in silence,
and a feeling that makes my heart smile.
simply extraordinary,
his presence is worth running a mile.

i don't need the rain
a yellow lampshade to set the mood,
spanish guitars or vodka
a cup of ice cream,
or short poetic dreams
a sip of my coffee
or a heartwarming movie.

because when i am with you
i am me.

(by someone who resides in a purple-painted sky. grazie!)

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