Tuesday, August 16, 2005

adversity quotient

my teacher in one of my philosophy classes pushed through with giving us an exam this morning even if she hadn't checked and returned our previous exam papers. this is against the magna carta for students here in Ateneo. this is also against what she promised the class at the beginning of the semester; that she will not give a new exam unless she has checked and returned the previous one.

i am disappointed a little. she talks a lot about how everyone seems to not be doing it right. how some of the recent actors in the current gloriagate issue have failed to go straight to the facts before acting. how ateneans seem to be too laxed, owing to having very low "adversity quotient"

above anything else, i think it's how people have continuously dishonored the words they utter, whether promise, vow, or oath, that have really pulled our country down. we find it in many promises broken during election campaigns, in religious and matrimonial vows unkept, in teachers saying one thing but doing another. nobody asked her to make that promise, but she did.

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