Monday, August 22, 2005


has anyone ever thought about what will happen should the impeachment debate in Congress end without PGMA getting impeached? here's one scenario.

in the event of a walkout of opposition lawmakers (which is highly probable), there will be mass protests again, with numbers just about the same as those which filled the streets of makati in early july, unless this newly formed black and white movement joins them, and call for the president's ouster. if they do join one another, they will probably have access to the edsa shrine. if it happens soon, then it will not succeed, since we are still in the rainy months, that's as simple as that. this is too sad but i think it's real. all our noble desires and hopes for our nation easily extinguished by rain.

then everything will still be "as it was in the beginning". in the beginning of all these mess that is. i expect lies to be thrown towards both camps, as it was in the beginning. i expect cayetano, escudero, golez, to say that the majority blocked their evidences, so they shall continue bringing their evidences to the media, as what was done by the opposition since the beginning. i expect PGMA to continue saying she will focus on her reform agenda, but continue politicking, visiting bishops and other moral leaders, as it was in the beginning.

our economy will be as it was in the beginning: going down. the faith of the people in our leaders will be as it was in the beginning: going down too.

lastly, the poor will still be as they were since the beginning.


sonoftheprodigal said...

unless...someone or some people do something about the situation. we need real heroes these days, heroes who will not put their personal interests over and above the interest of the nation. we need someone like rizal or ninoy.

Anonymous said...

Black and White. That is it. She must go. No matter how unpalatable the noisy opposition is or how palatable Noli is. The fact of the matter is that she cheated, she lied, she stole and she did so many other evil acts. She must go.

three stars and a sun said...

she must go, but we must not be satisfied with that. more must go, a lot of our old attitudes must go too...:)