Wednesday, August 31, 2005

more of the same

minutes before the impeachment hearing at the congress started, one of the pro-impeachment congressmen told us (who were standing by the doorway to the session hall) that today's going to be an MTS session. we asked what MTS meant. he said that nothing extraordinary will happen. there will just be "more of the same".

fast forward to 5 hours later. most of the opposition lawmakers walked out of the hearing, some of them throwing some of the piled up documents to the air, some waving "it's over" to the crowd watching them in the gallery.

though hearing the lengthy speeches of the congressmen and witnessing the regular "point of order" outbursts of congressman paras are enough to convince me that it was indeed an MTS session, the walkout was what drove home the point. these men and women have just proven that what they can offer is only more of the same. they were still in a unique position but then they opted to go the multitude's way.

i am pro-impeachment, but i just want to express here my disgust over what these congressmen and women did. shall we now go back to the streets? after having hoped for the peaceful and constitutional process of impeachment, shall we now go back to hoping for people power? my god, isn't this what these opposition congressmen and women hoped for in the beginning?

everyone, prepare now to witness more of the same. (see impeachment 2 post)


reminder said...

something different:
excerpt from the book: evidence of satan in the modern world. tan books p.86

sermon given by the devil as ordered:

The evildoer is not happy. If one is full of oneself, one is full of a devilish spirit. We destroy men's souls through their senses.
God makes use of men to test them. If you suffer affliction, receive it as an act of Grace. The Cross is preferable to all things. God carried the Cross for the salvation of men, and he makes those whom he loves carry it too.
The world believes that humility is weakness and incapacity: and I say that humility is power and grandeur.
If you knew the misery of the reprobate, you would all be saints!
There is no language to describe the torments of the damned; there is no human mind able to comprehend them.
He who loves men more than God will not be loved by God.
God allows misfortunes for the spiritual betterment of men; in order to bring them to himself and make them return to him.
Never forget that crosses are better than honours.
We must understand that life is short and that we must endure our troubles in a spirit of penitence, as they came from God.
One cannot love God without loving one's neighbour. Happy are they who can leave all for God.
Ah, if only men could see how beautiful is a soul in a state of grace.
Happiness is not here below: he who possesses God possesses everything.
The rich should be the banker of the poor. God has put these riches into his hand to help his fellow men: he is God's businessman.
The rich man should despise himself and follow the teaching of our Saviour, who said: 'It is easier for a camel to pass through a needle's eye, than for a man to enter the Kingdom of God when he is rich' (Marx X, 25)
'Woe to the proud, Woe to me, Isacaron. It was pride, ingratitude, and disobedience that led to my rebellion and damnation'

my note:
if only everyone realizes that we are all just passing through here in this life, we would not have this current crisis in this country. pray the Holy Rosary, participate in the Holy Eucharist daily. our lives should be anchored on both of these. God will hear the cry of his people.

three stars and a sun said...

whoever you are, thanks for the reminder. let us not however forget that living out one's faith is not limited to kneeling before the cross. :)