Tuesday, August 23, 2005

looking for positive vibes

since the past several weeks have been so distressing due to the vast amount of work which never stops piling up, plus the hounding possibility that this nation has not reached its deepest, most chaotic state yet, i have learned to look for mini-sources of positive vibes to keep me going, to keep me from choosing to stop doing everything that i am supposed to do, and add myself to the growing number of filipinos who have called it quits, who have chosen to limit their circles of concern to as small as their immediate families or their personal lives.

one source i just recently discovered is that person filled with passion for anything. this afternoon, i just had to talk 10 minutes with this person about the stuff he's into right now, then there was a quick change in my inner disposition. i guess it's the belief he has in the importance of what he's doing that really struck me, cause sometimes when there's no immediate observable result in what one is doing (like in most of the work that i do), one can lose sight of what was once very clear in the beginning: that it's worth doing what you're doing right now.

whew, thank God for people like these. i'm sure there are many of them. thank God i got to talk to one of them today.


sonoftheprodigal said...

pare ibang klase talaga ang blog mo... the best ka talaga!

Anonymous said...

Dude... your different... where's my car?