Friday, September 23, 2005

let all the truth come out

whatever it is that national security adviser norberto gonzales says he has to say against the opposition he must say soon. and he must say all. i don't think there's anything this country can't bear anymore since the jueteng and garci issues came out.

first, the presidency is clearly going down. congress is surely going down, after they have chosen to apply to impeachment the cheaper definition of "political process." the military (implicated in the garci tapes), the church (receiving money from pagcor), other offices (comelec- is there even an investigation or any action going on to find out about comelec's culpability? lgu's in jueteng) have all been tarnished. restoration for all these it seems will take a miracle.

second, if everything is going down, i don't want to be in a future where i will have to obey or give honor to some of the politicians in the opposition. so if there's anything gonzales can say, i hope he says it all out now. if most of everything's going down anyway, the last thing that i want to see happening is for the likes of imee or zamora to be excluded. i can't say hail to them.

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