Sunday, September 11, 2005

some thoughts on how to proceed

now that the impeachment it seems is dead, here are some of my thoughts on what to do next.

1. keep the issue alive.
this experience in our stage of nationhood is a rich source of education for all Filipinos. this one's going to be a long fight against forgetting. i think that the moment that we do, then we're dead as a nation.

this means looking for more creative ways. mobilizations i think must continue. rallies as i have experienced it are good venues for fortifying one's opinions. but there must be more to just rallies. like what i said in a previous comment, this one's going to be a very long one (unless armed forces get in the picture).

2. sharper discernment
let's not sacrifice principle with practicality. if this is in fact going to be a long one, then let's not compromise ourselves by joining people or groups whom we think contradict the principles we espouse. let's stop thinking tactical. as i said, this one's going to be a long one. let's drop the illusion that if we join forces with other big groups, we can bring down this government. it would be ideal if these various groups are getting together for dialogue. but if it's only to get the numbers, then just drop it.

sharper discernment means that we base our actions on principles and values. not sheer emotions, nor mere practicality. this will then guide us on who to join, and what movements to participate in.

3. pray
the situation we are in is still so beyond anyone. even the sharpest thinkers from the academe and the church presently don't have any solution to offer. everyone it seems is so clueless. i think that at this kind of situation, it is important that we remind ourselves that the people of this country is loved by God, like every one else. he is the God of all nations, the God of history. he will help us get through this stage in our nation's life.

these are the ones i have thought of. feel free to add any of your thoughts on how we can move on with this fight.

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