Thursday, September 01, 2005

Portrait of Integrity

a reminder to everyone, especially myself...

In order to restore integrity, we need to have a clear ideal of what it looks like. Here is a general portrait of a person with integrity. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it is made up of hundreds of little things we do or say on a daily basis. The picture is incomplete, wherever any piece is missing. Integrity may also be liken to a brick house. We need to build it one brick at a time. Each of the following habits and attitude represent a brick.

  • Keep your word and promises
  • Back up your word with action
  • Be honest with people
  • Accept people as they are
  • Treat people with respect and candor
  • Let others know where you stand and how your feel
  • Speak the truth in love and with sincerity
  • Be mindful of what your own actions and thoughts
  • Make sure that your actions and words do not harm others
  • Be genuine, transparent in relating to people
  • Be humble and vulnerable towards people
  • Be true to your convictions, values and beliefs
  • Be true to your callings and ideals
  • Do the right thing even when no one is watching
  • Do your very best in whatever your do
  • Do what is right regardless of the cost
  • Have the courage to be different
  • Have the courage to stand up for what you believe
  • Have the courage to obey the dictates of your conscience
  • Live up to your own ethical standards
  • Practice what you preach consistently
  • Admit the gap between your actual self and ideal self
  • Admit your own mistakes and failures
  • Accept your self and your limitations
  • Assume responsibility for your own actions
  • Don't compromise your core values
  • Don't use people as instruments
  • Don't manipulate and mislead others
  • Don't betray your friends
  • Don't hide the truths from your friends
  • Don't hide behind the fa├žade of pious platitudes and rituals
  • Don't let others down in order to save your own neck
  • Don't lie in order to get out of difficulties
  • Don't tell white lies to make you look good
  • Don't make promises which you cannot keep
  • Don't exaggerate or bluff in order to get your way
  • Don't bend with the wind in order to play safe
  • Don't promise anything which you cannot deliver
  • Don't claim to believe what you do not
  • Don't pretend to be what you are not
(i got this from a recent ehem! seminar-workshop. i'm sorry i was not able to get the name of the author, my sincerest thanks to you and i hope you don't mind my posting it here...) :)

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Agree 100%