Thursday, September 15, 2005

lozano does it again

lozano has done it again. i think he has actually mastered the art of doing things wrongly. this i think is what he has made himself an attorney for. learning the legalities for him to know how not to follow them. i can't believe how one man can have that much "apog". i wonder how much he's paid this time to commit this booboo. he actually gets paid for playing stupid, my god, how can he even afford to use that money? how can he even walk the streets and hold his head up? i'm so angry right now that if i had a gun in hand and he happens to pass by i won't even hesitate to shoot him.

Supreme Court rejects impeach appeals
First posted 01:17pm (Mla time) Sept 15, 2005
By Tetch Torres

THE SUPREME COURT has dismissed the petitions filed by lawyers Ernesto
Francisco and Oliver Lozano in connection with the impeachment case
filed against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

In a resolution, the tribunal dismissed the appeal filed by Francisco
asking SC to order Congress to admit the amended impeachment

It noted that Francisco's petition was premature as the
pro-impeachment lawmakers could still file a motion for
reconsideration at the House of Representatives, where the impeachment
complaints were quashed last week.

Meanwhile, Lozano's petition was dismissed for violation of the Rules
of Civil Procedure.

Under the law, the petition should come first before a motion. On
Lozano's case, he filed a motion for extension while his petition has
yet to be filed.

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