Wednesday, September 14, 2005

on impeachment again

fr bernas told us last night that there's a probability that the supreme court might reverse congress's decision about the junking of the two other complaints (amended and lopez) and the justice committee's report on the lozano complaint, declaring it as sufficient in form but not sufficient in substance.

about the junking of the two other complaints, the supreme court might rule that since they include elements that are similar, they may be combined to form one complaint along with the lozano complaint. they will all fall under betrayal of public trust.

about the justice committee's report itself, fr bernas says that the committee on justice may come up with a report only after it has gone through a hearing. meaning, only after evidences are presented. this never happened in the justice committee's proceeding. they came up with a report to the plenary, which the majority eventually voted to accept, without any hearing. all they did was talk among themselves.

the only problem is the supreme court, according to fr bernas, usually just says, for example that the congress decision is unconstitutional. it doesn't say what congress must do to rectify their wrong. it still depends on congress if they will do anything about it.

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