Wednesday, September 07, 2005


158 - voted to accept the justice committee report (junking all impeachment complaints)

52 - voted not to accept

4 - abstained

i wonder what's going to happen next. bukluran para sa katotohanan peeps might eventually drop off the "katotohanan" word and replace it with "pagpapatalsik kay gloria". this would make them truer to themselves.

what other peaceful means are left? people power - no, it will not happen. it would take a lot more than the susan-cory tandem. there are people who are in fact turned off because of that unlikely mix, plus the left and right groups.

truth commission? this was long forgotten.

coup d' etat/civil war? then martial law?

or let's-just-forget-all-about-these-craziness-and-move-on-with-our-own-lives scenario?

among the above possibilities, the last one i'd say is the least probable. no one can just forget about what's currently happening, even if they try their very best to do so. people will move on, but not forget.


Anonymous said...

Fight on! What will happen to the Filipino people if we just give up our fight against evil? What example will we give to future generations if we are not true to what is right?

Fight on!

I hope Ateneo is more active now. I hope that they are coordinating with the bukluran group.

three stars and a sun said...

dear sir/ma'am,
an ateneo contingent was in the rally yesterday, with bukluran, with voices louder than that of any other school, save perhaps of u.p.
how much of this bukluran do you know po?
thanks for posting. you can post here your answer to my question...

Anonymous said...

it's not important. so long we stand shoulder to shoulder in our struggle to keep democracy in our country alive!!!

Anonymous said...

Three stars, the anonymous who answered you was not the original anonymous which is me. Anyway, anonymous2 is right, it does not matter. We are all in this together. what I was referring to are the Jesuit priests. I hope they are more active now in the fight.

For your question, I do not know so much about Bukluran as I have said before, I am part of the not so silent majority.

three stars and a sun said...

anonymous2, i think it's important. this is not just about how many is camped against another. if this is going to be a war of attrition, i think it's important that people are inspired towards the same goal, and not just there for personal gains. i hope this bukluran is like that. a sharper discernment is what's needed.
hey anonymous1 and anonymous2 (and if there are other anonymous peeps who read, hehe) you can sign a pseudonym, if it's not too much for you, hehe, nakakalito.
for the jesuits as a whole, i can't really say. but many are into this, and are actively guiding people, participating in mass actions, spreading information and networking.

blogger said...

Okay three stars. From now on, anonymous1 will be blogger. Continue the good fight.

Today is a good day. The Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception. Offer your masses, rosaries and sacrifices for all our intentions, especially for our country.

God Bless you three stars and all your Jesuit friends. May you convert those Jesuits who are still lost.