Saturday, September 03, 2005

facing defeat

i am not at all optimistic with what's going to happen on monday when the report by the house justice committe is presented to the plenary. i am readying myself for defeat. here are some of the signs.

first, it seems that nobody is believing that the pro-impeachment congresspeople lack only 6 signatures, except them of course. if they have it, surely those in the other side should have jumped on board, thus making the number of signatories reach up to even 90 or 100+. many of these congressmen are just waiting, to watch whether they'll be joining the victors if they sign. this is how it is in congress, as it is in many other places.

second, should the amended impeachment complaint reach the 79, it won't automatically be transmitted to the senate. there is a legal question involved, since the justice committee's choosing (and eventual junking) of the Lozano complaint constitutes one proceeding already. this might block the amended complaint transmission. i am seeing that this will end in the supreme court again. the longer it takes, the more reason will there be for violent forces to do things their way. this one means defeat for me.

what if we're meant to lose this one? i know that in life, one doesn't get what he wants all the time. normal kids learn this at age 7 or 8 (the spoiled ones learn it much much later). what if we're not supposed to get gma impeached this time, and the worst case scenario of violence-then-emergency powers ensues? to push it further, what if what we really need this time is this "emergency powers" scenario to happen? everything seems to be disintegrating and divided, our economy is taking a beating because of the rising crude oil prices, maybe something drastic has got to be done?

one last question: shouldn't we start thinking seriously about this one by now?


kangirl said...

(posting,as promised)
if we're meant to lose this one, let our loss be a reminder that there are other battles to fight. other battles which, hopefully, can allow for longterm changes to prosper.

may our defeat also be an invitation to continue to Hope, to Pray, to Work and to Believe that in the right time, justice and truth will prevail.
(well I know I have to remind myself to continue to be optimistic, especially with the new work that awaits me.)

Anonymous said...

I do not think this will be a loss. I am struck at Sunday's homily regarding forgiveness and fraternal correction. Former President Cory did exactly just that. She went to gloria privately at first a week or two before July 8. That did not work. She went with several bishops on July 6 or 7. That did not work either. She then goes public which is what she has been doing since July 8. But this is not working still. The reading tells us that after this, you can treat the person as a gentile or tax collector. We pray and do our part.

Chinky Ü said...

It's funny how there is a pattern in Philippine politics (not that I'm an expert or anything.. feel free to correct me) wherein during a crisis such as this, some of the officials purposely wait on the majority votes just so they can jump on the bandwagon. I recently learned in my current Philippine History class that during the time of the Malolos Republic, the same thing happened. Kampihan sa may kapangyarihan, in other words. That's why in the end, the elite always wins either way. Instead of upholding the truth, they struggle for power. Sad.

Anonymous said...

The INTER-FAITH MOVEMENT (IFM) for Truth, Justice and Genuine Change
through its Convenor

Most Rev. Antonio R. Tobias, D.D.
Bishop of the Diocese of Novaliches
and Chairman, Episcopal Commission for Ecumenical
Affairs- Catholic Bishops Conference in the
Philippines invites you to join

September 6, starting at 1:00 PM
St. Peter Parish, Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City


September 7, starting at 12 noon
Barrio Fiesta, EDSA, Mandaluyong City (before
Ortigas fly-over)


Stand for Truth, Justice and Genuine Change!
Assert the People’s Will!

Last Tuesday, August 30, the people have witnessed how the pro-Gloria members of the House of Representatives subverted the desire of the people to impeach President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. This disappointing scenario in Congress sends a
message to the Filipino people: that this government institution which is supposedly
independent is a House of shamelessly corrupt, unscrupulous and callous officials who neither represent nor respect the sentiments and will of the people. The rottenness of the country’s political and justice system show that more than ever, genuine social change is urgent!

We are dismayed and outraged that the power of money worked over and above love of country and service to our people. Members of GMA’s House of Congress used arguments to kill the impeachment complaint. The final battle in Congress is about to end on September 6, 2005.

Once again, the Inter-Faith Movement for Truth, Justice and Genuine Change (IFM) joins the various sectors in challenging Congress members to uphold truth and justice in the impeachment process. Above their political loyalty to GMA, the Congress members must be reminded of their covenant with the people. If there is loyalty that they should exercise, it must be loyalty to the will of the people and not to a corrupt, anti-people and anti-poor president.

IFM calls on the Congress members to be instruments of national salvation, do not let silver and gold alienate you from the people. The poor are the ones who suffer from all the systematic cheating, lying and stealing committed by those in power. Do not add to their burden!

Let the amended complaints be transmitted to the Senate. Prove to the people that you are worthy to be called honorable congressmen and women who made promises to God and His people that you will serve them faithfully, thoughtfully and unselfishly. If the GMA impeachment would not be given chance to be closed with due process, the justice system in our land has no use at all and we have no choice but to assert the sovereign will of the people through People Power.

The IFM is prepared to join the people on the streets. We affirm People Power as a collective response as we witness how truth and justice are trampled upon. People Power is also the best opportunity for the people to assert the people’s agenda and to give way to a democratic transition council that would work for fundamental reforms in the country’s politics, socio-economic and cultural life. The assertion of the sovereign will of the people through People Power is not a chaotic process, which the current government would like to portray. The IFM believes that a united people as expressed through the broad gathering of grassroots sectors and middle forces could prove that peaceful and meaningful social change is possible.

IFM exhorts our faithful to participate in efforts to educate and mobilize the broadest number of people in asserting their sovereign will. People Power is a noble undertaking. It is a way towards genuine and lasting peace. Let us all persevere in the struggle for truth, justice and genuine change especially as we see that the economic crisis will be further aggravated with the implementation of the Expanded Value Added Tax (E-VAT) and the weekly increases of price of oil and basic commodities. The hope for a better life starts with a concrete plan of action towards a definite direction and strong will to participate in people’s actions for its realization.

GMA and her allies betrayed the people and the people’s yearnings. In the name of truth and justice, let us not allow a thief to stay in the highest seat of public office for another day.